8 Amazing Benefits of Storing Water In Copper Vessels

storing water in copper vessel
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Storing water in Copper Vessels?

You have often seen many people using copper vessels to store water. But can we store water in copper vessels? is it healthy? Have you ever wonder why are they storing water in a copper vessel? The first element to be ever known by man is Copper. The chalcolithic age or the copper age was the period when man started making copper weapons instead of stones. Ancient societies like Egyptians, Indians, Greece, and Somalia used copper as various household products. 

Copper is metal has many anti-bacterial properties. These properties were proved to exist in copper during the 17th century when copper miners were immune to the disease cholera. For centuries copper has come up as a great warrior against many diseases and has helped in curing illnesses, headaches, and even varicose veins. 

With a gradual increase in Ayurveda, copper has been used in many households for various reasons. The indigenous use of copper has drastically increased over the centuries. Throughout the history of mankind, copper has covered a long journey from the copper age to the modern age. 

The creditability of copper has not declined over this period and is growing tremendously as a beneficial health measure all over the world.

Storing water in copper vessel or a copper bottle for 8 hours or above it releases its ions in water mixing with hydrogen and oxygen ions of the water. This process is an oligodynamic effect. Copper has anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic properties.

Copper has a significant role in the formation of hemoglobin and cell regeneration. Unfortunately, humans cannot form copper pigments required in their bodies. Thus, you need to intake cooper with food or with water or as something else. Copper is beneficial to the human body in several ways.

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Benefits of Storing Water in Copper Vessel

There are a lot of benefits of storing water in copper vessel. Some of these benefits of storing water in copper vessel are as follows:

Heals wounds faster: The properties exhibited by copper are commendable. In addition to its properties, copper has the ability to rebuilt skin cells known as skin regeneration. Further, copper strengthens your immunity increasing the rate of healing.

Weight Loss: Have you ever wondered about an easy way to lose weight. Copper helps in dissolving excessive fats of the body which reduces your weight. Even when a person is resting copper keeps fat in a burning situation helping in weight reduction. But, this doesn’t mean copper burns too much fat.

Prevents Stroke: Many doctors often suggest their patients suffering strokes to consume water stored in copper. Copper is anti-convulsive which helps in the prevention of seizures. Being an anti-oxidant copper helps in stabilizing oxidants reducing the risk of strokes.

Increases Brain Efficiency: The human body often interacts with the brain through electrical impulses. Copper is a good conductor and helps cells in communicating with the brain efficiently through these impulses.

Controls Aging: Many Egyptians in ancient Egypt used copper as a beautifying agent. Several beauty products inculcate copper in their beauty formula not only as an anti-oxidant but also for its skin regenerating properties.

Helps Cardiovascular system: Copper helps in increasing the flow of blood in the body to the heart by eliminating plaque. Research has shown that deficiency of copper in the body can lead to dysfunction of the heart muscles resulting in heart diseases. 

Stomach Indigestion: Earlier, ancient doctors prescribed copper-based medicines were prescribed to kill germs in the stomach. Ayurveda claims benefits of copper water bottle rather than a plastic water bottle. Storing water in copper vessel detoxifies and cleans the germs in our body. Copper can reduce the inflammation of the inner lining of the stomach and helps in the better digestion system. 

Negates Infection: Natural anti-biotic copper, storing water in copper vessel for more than 8 hours helps in killing harmful microbial of water making it free from germs. Copper prevents cholera, S. Aureus, and E. Coli along with some other water-borne diseases.

Copper is a superhero, not only to human beings also to the environment around us. It is a cheap metal abundantly available in our surroundings which is recyclable. It is the friendliest metal that is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Being the recyclable metal, it is also known as the greenest metal of the earth. Copper is ideal for making solar panels.

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