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Zodiac Sign – Leo ( July 24 – August 22)

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Zodiac Sign 2021

Monarch of the jungle Leo, you jump into 2021 in victory mode with Venus in Sagittarius blessing you with bountiful opportunities. Financially, you will start on an occasional ebb, but new offers and a thriving sexual love await you. You will also find fame. It is also one of the pleasant phases for those of you with a creative inclination.
Your inner seeker is activated, and you hunt for growth and purpose. You want to start 2021 with a spotlight on health – this could be a priority.
By February, life will be effortless for you to forge new friendships and romantic alliances because of Venus stepping into Aquarius on the 21st. You become a veritable magnet. There might be some challenges at work that may test and push you.
Chances of an enormous part of the difficulties will stem from your lack of self-belief. Be your supporter, and have your own back; You will be stronger than you think. It’s time for the Leo lion to appease the inner kitten. March could be a month that needs lots of serenity as Mercury moves into Aquarius on the 11th. Things are stable and may get even better if you set within the effort. Make sure that your commitment to your physiological state is enduring.
By April, your labor pays off in ways. You seem to possess the ability, transforming your career in inventive ways because of the intuitive and intelligent understanding of Mercury in Pisces, a transit that happens on the first. There may be a loss and a few rivalry or competition at work, which can bring out your best. It may get even possible that you will fall for somebody famous! You must focus on work-related matters in May. It is a time for those seeking a change or people who are unemployed.
Venus in Taurus on May 4th brings stability and stillness to your nature that helps you agree sure in the long-term. It is also a beautiful time for love, and a gregarious partner may explode on the scene. Financially this can be an excellent month, and you may end up feeling excited and keyed up for what’s ahead. You will consider setting personal or professional goals.
By July, you will address difficulties in your sexual love that include little flairs of temper or quarrels because of Mars in Leo on the 20th. Address your ego and the way it gets in your way to come up. It may be a period for self-reflection and re-education.
In August, you will experience a dip in finances, and you spend quite what you are taking in, but you ride over this quite easily along with your innate Leo confidence. Relationship troubles will resolve effortlessly. The impact of Venus in Virgo on the 11th fine-tunes you to the small details you will have otherwise missed. September brings a hike in income, but you need to analyze your spending habits if you want to try doing well.
In October, the planetary transit of Venus in Scorpio on the 2nd and Venus in Sagittarius on the 30th will auger well for you. Owning a brand new house is on the cards! Because the year closes, your personal life will be smooth as silk, and you may enjoy mental peace, which promotes healthiness. Your financial status might have a bit of tweaking. Tying all the loose ends together is how you may round off 2021.

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