Why we check Muhurat before something auspicious?

There are different cultures and communities all over the world. However, only in Sanatan Dharma do we calculate planetary motions to check Muhurat. But why is it so? Muhurat is a procedure taking place before any auspicious celebrations in Hinduism. In this procedure, a pandit calculates a suitable day and time for the occasion. As per our Vedic Science, Muhurat benefits our lives and has scientific significance. Here in this blog, we will discuss why we calculate Muhurat. 


Muhurat and the Planets

Understanding the significance of Muhurat, it is crucial to understand the spiritual concept of the space. When we take the Earth\’s diameter and multiply it by 108, then we get the sun\’s diameter. Similarly, if we multiply the sun\’s diameter by 108, we will get the distance between the sun and the Earth. If we multiply the moon\’s diameter by 108, we will get the distance from the Earth to the moon.

We have 12 grahs and 11 Nakshatras in Sanatan Dharma multiplying if we multiply, it will get 108. Also, we have 108 marma points in our bodies. In this way, the universe connects to our bodies. Here, we also get to know the significance of 108 in our dharma. So as we discussed earlier, we calculate muhurat based on planetary motions. Therefore, we can determine how the spiritual science of space is connected here. 

Our Kundali using which muhurat gets checked has an account of planetary motions at the time of our birth. You might think there\’s no sense in estimating planet positions, and it doesn\’t affect our daily lives. However, the truth is even if the moon, which is smaller than the planets, has its effect on our bodies, then planets can bring a lot of difference. 

Spiritual Significance of Muhurat

Muhurat calculation during an auspicious occasion to ensure that the planets are in the right place to account for a positive effect on our body when we proceed to a cultural ritual. Further, if we consider a marriage celebration, we calculate Muhurat using the Kundali of both bride and groom. Marriage is a spiritual procedure during which several rituals take place. Performing these rituals together allows the transfer of energies between two bodies. Therefore, there is no obligation to practice occasions without Muhurat, but if things go according to Muhurat, we can have maximum benefits from every ritual we perform. 

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