The Epic \’Vishnu Puran\’ – The Theory of Evolution (1859)

Vishnu Puran vs Darwin\’s theory of evolution

Vishnu Puran said to be written around 1000 BCE ago (at least 3000 years old or maybe much more) that came to be known as the intellectual Vyasa. On the other hand, Charles Darwin proposed the Theory Of Evolution in 1859 ( less than 200 years). His theory came out to be similar to the one stated in the Vishnu Puran.

Summarizing the pages of Vishnu Puran, we come across that when humans evolve, their average life span reduces along with their size.
Rama, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu documented to be 8 ft. tall. He ruled over Ayodhya for several years after returning from 14 years of his exile. On the other hand, the ninth avatar of Lord Vishnu (Krishna) documented to be around 7 feet tall. He lived for 125 years.

Not only Darwin\’s theory of evolution is described in the Puranas of Sanatan Dharma, but there are many other examples. One such example is from geography where \’Bhu-gol\’ represents the earth is round was known a few thousand years ago and was rediscovered later by Aristotle while proven by Galileo.

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Ten Incarnations of Lord Vishnu in Vishnu Puran Vs Darwin\'s Theory of Evolution

Ten Incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the theory of human evolution proposed by Charles Darwin in 1859. Each avatar stated in the epic written by Ved Vyasa, Vishnu Puran is similar to the stages explained by Darwin in his theory.

• Matsya Avatar – Fish ( first stage of Darwin)
• Kurma Avatar – Turtle (second stage of Darwin)
• Varaha Avatar – Boar (third stage of Darwin)
• Narsingha Avatar – Vertebrate (fourth stage of Darwin)
• Vamana Avatar – First Ape (fifth stage of Darwin)
• Parshuram Avatar – Neanderthals (sixth stage of Darwin)
• Shri Ram Avatar – Homo-sapiens (seventh stage)
• Shri Krishna Avatar – Homo-sapiens (eight and the current state)

The actual life on earth started from marine (water) in the form of a fish. Slowly their struggle to survive on terrestrial became their reason for evolution as amphibians. The struggling kept on gaining pace, and life started changing its form as a boar that is a terrestrial animal. This form is often used, as the age of the dinosaurs in some books. After boar, the evolution goes to vertebrate, and gradually we end up in our current form known as humans.

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According to mythology, after Ved Vyas was done with the writing of the epic Mahabharata, he was indulged in writing 19 Mahapuranas. Vishnu Puran is one of them. It not only defines the evolution in the form of humans but also gives a detailed description of the physical, social, and intellectual attributes of a man.

As we get to the pages of Mahabharata, Garuda Puran, Vishnu Puran, we know that Lord Vishnu has ten great incarnations that are similar to Darwin\’s Theory of Evolution. Many liberals and atheists state that the Incarnation of Lord Vishnu is nothing more than just the imagination of some person. But if it is an image, then how does it resemble the theories proposed by Charles Darwin.

Charles Darwin proposed his theory less than 200 years ago that points to the fact that Sanatan people were way before aware and known to the Evolution of Human Beings. It showcases that our ancestors knew many things that we are discovering today. The epics tell the evolutionary story in a much simpler manner (tales) than that we read today.

Our sages narrated the theory of evolution entirely in the form of stories. If we bring out these tales as a bed-time story or something else in our daily lives, then we can teach complex theories of evolution to our children in a much simpler way. This will help our children to grow precisely in their studies as well as in culture.

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