Hindu Temples: 8 Amazing Science Facts

The temples are the place where people worship the divine lord. The architecture of the temples is more than just a spiritual approach. A lot of science indulges in the construction of these Hindu temples. Temples are the place where science meets spirituality to attain the highest knowledge to strive for eternity. Every single facet, the structure created is a science that affects the preachers. Temple architecture is a highly developed science.


Vedas: 4 Ancient Vedic Texts Of Powerful India

Veda is a peculiar scripture written in ancient India during the second millennial period BCE. Many people consider Veda to be a part of Hindu manuscripts while Vedas were written even before Hinduism was established in India. The texts, principles, mantras, and rituals written in the Vedas inspired day to day lives and cultures of people and established bedrock of Hinduism.

storing water in copper vessel

8 Amazing Benefits of Storing Water In Copper Vessels

Copper is metal has many anti-bacterial properties. These properties were proved to exist in copper during the 17th century when copper miners were immune to the disease cholera. For centuries copper has come up as a great warrior against many diseases and has helped in curing illnesses, headaches, and even varicose veins.