Rahu Transit – How will it effect Rashis?

The Transition

At 11:52 PM, when we all will be in deep sleep on 30 October 2023, Rahu will silently transit to Meen Rashi from Mesha Rashi and Revati Nakshatra from Aswini Nakshatra at Delhi. Mesh is the first Rashi, whereas Meena is the last Rashi in the sequence of Rashis. In the same way, Ashwini is the first Nakshatra, and Revati is the last one.


The Traits

Rahu is the expansion or delusion of expansion like smoke, an expansion without substance. Rahu is only a head and mouth without a lower body. Hence, it can consume anything, and the consumption vanishes in thin air without substantial and visible results. Meena Rashi is Jal Tatwa, and Revati Nakshatra is the bottom or depth. Mesha Rashi is Agni Tatwa, and Ashwini Nakshatra is the beginning/surface or top.  

Revati Nakshatra is ruled by one of the Dwadashadityas and the lord of nourishment. Meena Rashi is feet in Kalpurush Kundali.  

General Predictions

Sea Levels

Now, these can result in problems for aquatic creatures in the deep sea, resulting in a chaotic situation for ecological balance. Expansion of the depth of water may create many problems; hence, the rise in sea levels may pose a threat to shores, swallowing the ground and many small islands. For the next few months up to 09 July 2024, Rahu might swallow much ground and expand the depth.

Troubles In Deep Sea

Somewhere in deep waters, tectonic plates may collide and cause the false expansion of waters on the surface, causing Tsunamis. Whenever the moon transits through Revati and over Rahu, there may be news of collateral damages. Reports of some disasters about nuclear submarines in deep sea waters might hit the News channels. 


On the economic front, for the initial days until March next year, the Economy worldwide may dip down to the bottom, but the same may be expanded like smoke without substance. Rahu may be ready to swallow the savings of the common man by expanding the dreaded inflation during the last phase of Rahu’s transit in Revati Nakshatra from May 2024.  

Rashi Predictions

Mesh Rashi/Mesh Lagna

Natives of Mesha Rashi/Mesha Lagna may suffer from swelling or skin allergies in their feet during this transit of Rahu. Also, those suffering from diseases like piles may have to undergo curative surgery. Expansion tumours or expansion due to liquid accumulation in some parts, especially in lower regions of the body or wherever Rahu is situated in Kundali, may result, thereby creating conditions of surgery. It may expand the expenditures far beyond the incomes, and hence, loans may be forced upon the natives.

Vrishabh Rashi/Vrishabh Lagna

Natives of Vrishabh Rashi/Vrishabh Lagna may face problems with ankles, and it may be due to an increase in Uric acid. Their uric acid problem may get aggravated and might turn into a commonly known disease as Gathiya. Swelling in feet and joints may result in difficulties in routine movements. The problem of varicose veins may arise near the calf muscle area.

The income may suddenly expand, ultimately causing problems for the natives. It might be that they come under the scanner of ED or IT authorities or Thieves and Thugs. People involved in deep research works may find it difficult to fathom the bottom but must pursue their research until Rahu crosses Revati Nakshatra. If they pursue, they will find that the darkest and the deepest days, which they presumed as failures were the greatest learnings of their lives.

Mithun Rashi/Mithun Lagna

Natives of Mithun Rashi/Mithun Lagna who might have lost hope of finding a job/profession might find one all of a sudden if all other promises in Kundali are intact. Their enthusiasm may balloon to realise later that they are caught in the wrong profession. Some natives may find their indulgences causing problems in the form of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and increased lipid profile affecting the various organs of the body, especially the liver or heart. Some may have to undergo surgeries on knees or legs.  

Karka Rashi/Karka Lagna

Natives of Karka Rashi/Karka Lagna may find problems in thighs or hip joints (injuries necessitating surgery). Might develop skin allergies in the thigh area or below the hip region. There might be severe health problems for their beloved father. The feeling of their luck not favouring them might grow stronger. A feeling of emancipation during pilgrimage may suddenly be felt. But, be aware of the fact that the feeling may not be the lasting one.  

Simha Rashi/Simha Lagna

Natives of Simha Rashi/Simha Lagna might face some kind of mental stress, which may lead to depression or some kind of mental ailment. Surgery of piles might be on the cards for those who are suffering from the disease. They may find some connection with detective activities or intelligence agencies, and maybe they find a job of that nature. Deep sea divers and people working in oceanography may find their jobs satisfying during this period but they must remain highly cautious as their expanding enthusiasm may take the shape of overconfidence, leading to dangerous accidents. The problem of sciatica may develop.

Kanya Rashi/Kanya Lagna

Natives of Kanya Rashi/Kanya Lagna should take care of their marital relations. They must take extra care of their spouses and children. There might be some kind of dissatisfaction brewing up, which causes damage to the relationship with the partner. Those who are in business in partnership must not expand their trust and doubts beyond a limit. Excessive trust or excessive doubt may spoil the partnership, and partners may break away.

Tula Rashi/Tula Lagna

Natives of Tula Rashi/Tula Lagna may get under the burden of loans. They must plan their expenses diligently or else they might get into unnecessary trouble. Hospital expenses may rise. Problems of hernia or kidney stones may get aggravated, needing surgery. Troubles due to enemies or they might find themselves entangled in an unforeseen altercation or even road rage. Court cases may get filed during this time, which may create unnecessary tension and stress.

Vrishchik Rashi/Vrishchik Lagna

Natives of Vrishchik Rashi/Vrishchik Lagna may find themselves getting operated on for problems of the abdominal area or stomach. It can be a minor surgery for appendicitis or kidney stone. People involved in research works may find this time fruitful for their research works. New secrets from their research might unwind, leading to their upliftment.

Dhanu Rashi/Dhanu Lagna

Natives of Dhanu Rashi/Dhanu Lagna, especially those in mid to old age, may find problems related to the gall bladder, stomach, liver, heart or lower parts of the lungs and diaphragm. For younger people, their mothers may develop health issues. Interruption in basic-level education may be on the cards for some.  

Makar Rashi/Makar Lagna

Natives of Makar Rashi/Makar Lagna might find trouble for their siblings. Sports persons may find a drop in their performance due to injuries somewhere in the body’s upper torso. Problems related to the lungs may worsen. Short and frequent changes may irritate and create trouble. Somehow, the courage may expand to bear every trouble that comes in their way, and they will come out victorious once Rahu leaves Meena Rashi after almost 18 months.

Kumbh Rashi/Kumbh Lagna

Natives of Kumbha Rashi/Kumbha Lagna may feel problems in their eyes or shoulders/neck. The chances of aggravating the problem of sciatica may increase. There might be problems with immovable property, which may crop up during this period. Parents of toddlers may get worried about the speech of growing kids. A rift may develop within the joint family.

Meena Rashi/Meena Lagna

Natives of Meena Rashi/Meena Lagna may find some kind of suddenly arising problem-related to the brain or head. Though the problem would seem crucial in the beginning but may get cured eventually. The repute will be dented for some people. It may bring troubles in married life also. For some people, this period might bring recognition.   


At the same time, Ketu will be transiting to Kanya Rashi, but the Nakshatra of Ketu will remain the same, and only Charan will change. The balancing act of cosmos comes into play and the severity of Rahu’s transit will be balanced by Ketu’s transit. Somehow, Ketu does not reduce the severity but enhances the strength to bear the pain. Eventually, the bearer evolves stronger.

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