Significance of offering water to the sun



Lord Surya has a great significance in Sanatan Dharma. He is considered one of the most significant gods with exceptional capabilities and divine powers. Also, he is the principal source of light on earth and is a supporter of life. Apart from Sanatan dharma Lord Surya is also preached around the world for his gifts to the humankind 

Benefits of offering water to Lord Surya

There are many advantages of offering water to Bhagwan Surya and various other aspects of worshipping him, with the benefits being scientifically proven.

1. Offering Water to the sun during the early morning promotes the absorption of Vitamin D in our body that keeps us healthy.

2. We get advised by our ancestors to take a bath before worshipping Bhagwan Surya. Bathing helps your body to get rid of all the impurities and negative energies acquired during the night. Scientifically, taking a bath in the morning promotes body health and reduces the chances of getting ill.

3.Before worshipping Lord Surya, it is mandatory to worship Lord Ganesha. While worshiping Lord Ganesha, we apply kumkum and Mauli on our forehead. The application of tilak is in itself significant and helps us with our mental concentration. 

4. When we offer water to the sun with a copper vessel, the lights pass through the water and splits into seven rays of the sun (also known as Seven horses of Surya Bhagwan) and are absorbed by our body and balances the seven colors in our body.

5. After we worship Lord Ganesha, we offer water to Lord Surya. When we offer water to Lord Surya early in the morning, it boosts our focus power. When we look at the sun while offering water, our eyes focus on the sun. Besides, it may help your eyes to adjust to the daylight more naturally. 

6. The act of offering water daily to Lord Surya can help you achieve disciplined life with a healthy mind and body.

7.It helps in controlling our emotions and actions. It helps us to stabilize our anger, ego, stress, and more.

8. In the morning, our spiritual mind is quite active that helps us in deep meditation. Meditation helps us in concentrating and evaluating our actions and goals with more clarity and positivity in mind.

9. Chanting Gayatri Mantra while offering water to lord Surya have many health benefits and keeps our mind calm.

Importance of offering water to Lord Surya in astrology

Other than scientific benefits and spiritual context, offering water to Lord Surya is also good in astrology. Surya has a great significance in deciding our daily horoscope. When a person allows water to Lord Surya daily, he acquires positivity. The sun\’s direction changes all around the year and helps you live a strong horoscope and definite life. It disciplines our actions and virtues throughout our life. The act of worshipping provides a sense of devotion. Meanwhile, the thought of being checked by a supreme power motivates us to stay true to our moral deeds.

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