Zodiac Sign- Gemini (May 21- June 21)

Zodiac Sign- Gemini (May 21- June 21)
Zodiac Sign 2021

Gemini, you may begin the year 2021 with a brand new arrival in your life — perhaps a friend, lover, or maybe a baby. This year is actually about new beginnings! You will have a way of tension in the long run, and there may be some minor health problems. Holistically, it is probably all interconnected, and if you quieten your mind, your physical symptoms should vanish. Ensure you ground yourself in your now and take this year in the future at a time, one month at a time. Attempt to tune into your element of air, and you’ll find it far easier to flow.

Your interest in spiritual matters, elevated, and your mind starts to clear by February as Mars moves into Taurus on the 22nd. Your desire for love prompts you to hunt out a partner, and you discover yourself becoming social, active, and engaged with the planet, pursuing your hobbies and passions. Professionally you see plenty of growth and success as Venus moves into Pisces on March seventeen, due to your inventive and artistic ideas. Although you lack clarity in other areas, your ability to focus at work is sweet for you, professionally.

By April, Venus moves into Aries on the tenth, and you enter into a propitious time, financially and professionally. Take away time to explore and see the planet. Be mindful of accidents and injuries. A friendship may flower into a relationship. Your confidence picks up, and money starts rolling into your account. Your urge to reconnect with nature is strong as Venus moves into Gemini on May twenty-five. Love is at its peak and your money situation. Your mind, worked up by everything, but you will burn yourself out if you don’t pause and focus. You may develop a keen interest altogether things creative, especially the liberal arts, but a lull in energy and enthusiasm indicated.

With Mercury stepping into Cancer on July twenty-five, your profits will do exceptionally well, but you will end up spending over usual. Take a moment to determine what seems necessary and what isn’t. July marks a beautiful time for investments. Socialising is at its peak, and as Venus moves into Virgo on August eleven, you will end up falling smitten with someone interesting. You may end up turning to your elders for lessons in fact and wisdom. You will draw up a to-do list to possess your work done and dusted with speed and clarity.

Some turbulence on the private front will need your attention. With Mercury stepping into Libra on September two, this can be just the time to show your attention to calming practices for mental and emotional well-being. You may well witness an enormous transformation in yourself. The tip of the year brings success, fame, and financial prosperity, and you may find your confidence to acquire again with Mercury in Scorpio on November two. You will end the year with some laziness and lack of motivation, but you may get supported by others and can feel comfortable in their counsel. Friendships and romances become established. You may leave the year behind, feeling content, and sure about who you wish in your world. Even as the year began with a way of novelty, so will it end a similar way — a brand new friend, partner, or baby may enter your life. You will need to navigate life is ebbs and flows then again, which is what being a Gemini is all about.

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