Do you know? Why do we celebrate Kumbha?


You must have heard that Kumbha takes place after every 12 years to mark a revolution of Jupiter around the Sun. But do you know its significance? We believe only a few of you know its scientific importance. To start with, let\’s discuss the latitudes, the imaginary lines dividing the earth horizontally. The portion that falls between 33° from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere consists of the highest centrifugal force.

The centrifugal force has rotational power in its central point, having the capability to move away from gravity. Our ancient sages or saints recognized that India falls in this region. Therefore, they tried to find four points in India where the centrifugal force acts at a maximum. These four points in India are Ujjain, Haridwar(Ganga), Nasik, and Prayagraj (Ganga-Yamuna confluence).

So the question arises, how will centrifugal force help us? Our body remains connected to earth due to gravity, for attaining salvation, our bodily energy needs to achieve a higher dimension. Therefore, practising spirituality in these places will help channel our chakra energies properly with less effort.

What is the role of Jupiter in Kumbha?

Another question that arises is why Kumbha? And what is the role of Jupiter? Jupiter is a planet whose magnetic field protects it from the cosmic rays from outer space. This phenomenon is called the Jovian effect. The sages observed that the Jovian effect is visible on the earth\’s surface. When the Jovian effect hits the earth\’s surface at that time the cosmic energy decreases. However, when the Jovian effect ends, it retains itself again as it was earlier.

According to the time and effect of the cosmic energies, the Kumbha Mela lands in a different location. That is why we observe Kumbha Mela on various occasions in these places instead of celebrating at once. During this time of the year, we can see Naga Sadhus, who reside in the Himalayas, visiting these places to take a bath in the holy river.

Dipping your entire body in water increases the ability to absorb cosmic energies because our Vedas describe that when our body is wet, its receptivity increases, which makes it easier to meditate and engage spiritually with our surroundings. Therefore, we celebrate the Kumbha Mela to gain maximum benefits from the planetary changes and universal influences.

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