Hinduism, world’s oldest religion that roots other religions around the world. Hinduism stands as the third most followed religion around the globe.


Sanskar: 16 Sanskaras of the Great Vedic Dharma

Advertisements Our Dharma believes that a person should follow sixteen sanskaras (sacraments or rituals) in its entire life to mark different stages of a human life cycle. Following these rituals lead to a passage of possessing Ashram (stage of life). Sanskara acts as a turning point, celebrated like an auspicious occasion. Practicing these sanskaras have …

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Significance of offering water to the sun

Advertisements Introduction Lord Surya has a great significance in Sanatan Dharma. He is considered one of the most significant gods with exceptional capabilities and divine powers. Also, he is the principal source of light on earth and is a supporter of life. Apart from Sanatan dharma Lord Surya is also preached around the world for …

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51 Shakti Peethas: How did they form?

Advertisements Shakti Peethas: Everyone is familiar with Shiva Shakti, but do you know the vital manifestation of shakti? What are Shakti Peethas? Sati, Durga, the goddess who defines shakti. Sati is the Adi Shakti of Lord Shiva. Further, there are three supreme incarnations of Sati Mata, which are Gauri, Mahakali, and Durga.  There are four …

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12 Ancient Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva

Advertisements The word Jyotirlinga originates from Sanskrit Language, which means Symbol. Further, the Agama text defines the literal meaning by breaking it into three pieces. “Jyoti” means light, “Ling” means to dissolve or destroy and, “Ga” means to emerge or create. The in-depth sense of jyotir linga lights on Lord Shiva’s infinite nature, we are …

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Antiyeshti: Why the last rites should be performed during daytime?

Advertisements Antiyeshti: The Last Rites Sanatan Dharma consists of sixteen rites and rituals to follow when you are alive. However, Antiyeshti is the last rite of a person after they die. The majority of religions in the world believe in burying their dead. Hindus believe in burning the dead body after performing certain rituals. The …

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The Process of Reproduction explained in Garud Puran

Advertisements Science lies even before technologies. Before Vedic scriptures, what were the sources of attaining Vedic science? People in the ancient period gain knowledge from their forefathers or gurus verbally. Sanatan Dharma explained the birth of a human even before modern science and technologies.  Garud Puran is one of the written scripture along with Vishnu …

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Fasting: Amazing Benefits in Vedic Culture

Fast is a self-restriction on food and behavior to enlighten our inner being. No priest or person is required to practice fasting. We should fast regularly to keep our mind and body free of toxins that are growing in our lives every day. Some fastings are related to festivals and other religious ceremonies. It revives a person’s mind and body along with helping the body to fight against diseases related to digestion.

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