Sun (सूर्य ग्रह)

Parashara describes the Sun as having "Sweet brown colored eys(madhupingala) and a square figure, his constitution is Pitta, he is intelligent(dhiman), masculine and tends towards baldness(alpakacha)" - Brihat Parashara Hora Shashtra, Graha Guna Svarupa Adhyaya, V.23

Gender: Male

Disha Bal : 10th house (Midday)

Element : Fire

Rank : King

Varna : Kshatriya

Prakriti : Pitta

Char/Sthir : Sthir (Fixed)

Numbers : 1

Direction : East (note: sun is most powerful in 10th house or midday or south but it represents east direction)

Vegetation : Trees useful in making houses and furnitures

Colors : Red+Brown

Stone : Ruby (Manek)

Metal : Gold

The Sun Gives light energy for all things to prosper and grow. All energy comes from the sun.

Sun is a symbol of spirit or soul, the light inside that guides our lives and energizes our being. if soul is not happy body grows sick and dies. It is considered as soul of kalapursha. Sun is considered as king of all planets. Possibly Sunday is kept as a holiday every where so that people are able to worship Sun on Sundays. Sun represents lord Brahma with his four faces causing the four seasons and four elements (Fire, Air, Earth, Water). The Sun offers us power of resistance and vitality. It rules our consciousness. It gives us force and will power and makes one determined and decisive.

The Sun represents position, respect, rulership and power.

The Sun represents Father on a personal level and Ruler/King/Politician on the community level.

Medical Significations : Asthi Dhatu, Head, Right Eye, Eyesight, Circulation, Heart, Genereal Vitality, Skeliton, Spine.

Diseases : Pitta disorders, constitutional strengths and weaknesses, vitality, heart and circulation, bones, teeth, eye function, headaches, baldness, stomach, inflamations, fevers, head injuries, spinal problems, injuries from quadrupeds.

Sun is hot, dry, masculine and positive planet. He is god of Fire and fiery in nature. Sun is lord of direction East and governs ‘Grishma’ season (June-July). His color is orange. Sun represents father of the native, kings, the government and those in authority.

Sun gives the native honey colored eyes and large and round face. It makes color of body and hair lighter in shade and gives a bilious temperament. Parts of the body ruled by Sun are heart, head, brain, right eye in males and left eye in females, bones, mouth, spleen, throat, lungs, arteries, blood and its circulation.

When Sun is afflicted it makes the native arrogant, mean, boastful, irritable, jealous, wavering temperament, angry, proud, immoral.

When Sun is beneficial it gives boldness, commanding ability, fame, position, dignity, vitality, energy, happiness, royal appearance, optimism, power, success, good health, warmth, affection, good temperament, respect to elders, honour from government, wealth.

The diseases indicated by Sun are heart problems, epilepsy, cerebral disorders, meningitis, aphasia, polypus, eye disease, high fever, baldness, low blood pressure, and sunstroke.

The products represented by Sun are rice, groundnut, coconut, almonds, chillies, myrobalans, wheat, lavender, saffron, gur, pungent taste juice, orange, asafoetida, cardamoms, poison, laurel, vermin, cedar, marigold, pod grains etc.

Animals :
Sun represents all majestic animals like lion, boar, horse, and serpents. It also represents Lark, swan, nightingale and other singing birds.

Abode :
Sun represents places like mountains, forests, Shiva temples, fortress, government buildings, public offices like District Boards, panchayat etc.

Precious metals & Gems :
Gems represented by Sun are Gold, Copper and Ruby. Native whose lord of ascendant is Sun can wear the ring of Ruby in copper or gold in ring finger in the constellation of Sun.

Astronomical Facts : The Sun is the center of solar system. Its mean distance from earth is 14,96,00,000 kms. It is nearest to earth in January every year when it is 14,71,03,000 kms and farthest in July when its distance from earth is 15,21,06,000 kms. Its diameter is 13,92 000 kms (109.3 times of earth’s diameter), surface area is 6.087 x 1012 square kms. (1,20,000 times of earth’s surface area), Volume is 1.41 x 1018 cubic kms. (1,306,000 times the earth’s volume) and mass is 1.99 x 1030 kgs. The average rotation of Sun in zodiac is 10 per day and therefore it takes exactly one year to go around the zodiac.

Understanding Sun's Portfolio/Nature is very important to make Accurate Predictions Using Sun.

Good Astrologers must remember at least the following portfolio/characteristics of Sun. I have grouped them to make them easy to remember. The sole purpose of grouping is to ease the memorising process. Just read these characteristics every day once or twice. It will hardly take 2 minutes and within two months these will become obvious facts for you:

Like Ascendent (Lagna-Saman), Soul, Self, Inner voice, Truth, Will Power,


Power, king, Great Personalities, Higher Authorities, Goverment

East Direction, Open Space

Light, Knowledge, Hidden Fact

Fire, Fiery, Separative, Tyaag (leave)

Heart, Bones, Right Eye

Thick, Big Size, Long Travel

Few more important Information about Sun:
1. Because of its Great Size and Heat, Sun Disturbs the Relatives and Relation with Relatives, Releated to the Bhava(house) it is connected to.
This disturbance happens mainly in Suns Dasha / Antardasha
Eg. If sun has some connection (drishti or sthithi) with 3rd house, in sun's dasha or antardasha it will either cause some disturbance with siblings or siblings may may face some problems.

2. When The Sun in association with other separative planets like Rahu & Shani, Affects a House Lord, it Separates/Snatches the person from that house.
Eg. If Sun and Rahu together are affecting budha, & budha in that kundali is 4th lord, then sun will separate jatak from his home or his mother.

3. If Sun is Powerful and Auspicious in a chart, In its dasha/antardasha, It gives the person a lot of power and wealth.

4. if Sun is Powerful and Auspicious in your chart and Chandra & Guru are aspecting(looking) Sun, then your spouse will be from a well known royal family.

Externally, Surya signifies those people or relationships in our life that are strongly related to royalty, power and the identity of the society. These are presidents, leaders, and directors. Since the Sun is at the center of the solar system, controlling the orbit of all the other grahas, it governs people with power or authority. On a smaller scale, this could be a governor, mayor,
and In the family environment, the father. Surya represents those buildings that reflect power and dignity, such as temples, mansions and palaces.

Physically, Surya rules the aspects of the body that are most dominant in terms of control (the brain), the maintenance of life (heart) and maintaining the shape (bones). Surya rules the right eye.

Internally, Surya represents our tendency, ability or talent to act as a leader or authority.

Qualities signified by Surya: are aristocratic, dominant, authoritative, leading, fatherly, strong. Surya relates to square shapes. Surya represents the element of fire, as well as the many ways fire can expressed in other qualities. In the scheme of colors, the bright red is signified. In the spectrum of taste, the pungent taste is the hottest. Out of the three substances, Dhatu ("metals", any lifeless substances), Moola ("root", and plant form) and Jeeva ("life", any animal or human form), Surya relates to Moola. Determining what objects are signified by Surya: Of any living being or thing, whatever part of it controls the rest, such as a control board, is related to Surya. In social structures, that is the leader. Within a computer, that would be the cpu. In a car, the combination of steering wheel and pedals. Among objects that belong to a similar group, such as varieties of trees, the Sun would represent the ones that are particularly strong or dominant.