Moon (चंद्र ग्रह)

Parashara Describes the moon as being "very vata-kapha constitution with a large wide body, She is wise, has good intution, sweet speech, is changeable, fickle minded, and is hopeless romantic.

The moon is the mother and nurturing and caring, providing support to live. Moon is friendly towards all the planets. As father instills dharma, the mother instills the psychological nature and emotional health in a child.

The average distance between Earth and Moon is 3,84,400 kms. Because of elliptical shape of the orbits of Sun and Moon, minimum and maximum distance between Earth and Moon is 3,63,000 kms. and 4,06,000 kms respectively. The radius of moon is approx 1738 kms. (0.2725 times the radius of earth) and mass of moon is 1/81.3 of the earth’s mass. In fact moon is a satellite of earth but in astrology it is considered as a planet because of its size and proximity to earth. The moon can be observed to cross any particular celestial meridian, every 27.32166 days, which is the sidereal period of Moon. The period between the one full moon and next full moon is 29.5306 days which is also called lunar month.

Gender: Female

Element: Water

Rank: Queen

Varna: Vaishya

Prakriti : Kaffa

Moveable/Char Planet

Numbers : 2

Direction : North - West

Vegetation : Trees that produces milk and juices

Color : White

Stone : White Pearl

Metal : Silver

Moon is negative, giving changeable and elastic nature and rules over personality and form. Moon is considered as mind of kalpurush. Moon is the queen of solar system. She is the Virgin Mary of the Roman Catholics and the mother of the Heavens. While the Sun pours spirit and life to all planetary bodies, the moon governs over the life of the beings on earth. She is the Luna (Diana), the Queen of the night. She is the Goddess and also a huntress. She governs chastity as well as fertility.

Nature :
Moon is a cold, moist, feminine, changeable, receptive and negative planet. She is lord of North – West direction and governs Varsha Ritu (August – September). Moon is watery in nature. Her color is silvery white or sea – green. Her chief domain is over the mind, the sleep, and all the fruits of the earth and flowers. She rules over the multitude, the masses, travelling, female relatives, commerce, business, and such professions which deal in liquids. She rules over the place of residence.

Physical Features:
Moon gives the native corpulent body, white complexion, lovely eyes, black and thin hair, tender speech and mild temper. Parts of the body ruled by moon are left eye of the male and the right eye of the female, breasts, esophagus, stomach, uterus, ovaries, lymphatic, bladder, synovial fluid. Waxing moon rules over the arteries, motor nerves and the muscles while the waning moon rules the veins, sensory nerves, sense organs and the glands.

When Moon is afflicted she makes the native unfortunate, sick in infancy and old age, deformed, impulsive, over anxious, indecisive, rash, depressed, pessimistic.

When Moon is beneficial she gives high position in public life, good family life, courtesy, amiable nature, easy – going and pleasing personality, timidness, magnetism, desire for wealth and worldly things, interest for psychic subjects and taste for all delicious fruits.

The diseases indicated by moon are lunacy, eye-disease, paralysis, hysteria, epilepsy, colic, cough and cold, measles, intestinal problems, dyspepsia, hydrocele, diseases caused due to excess of drink, bronchitis, asthma, tumors, nervous debility, dysentery, cancer, typhoid.

The products represented by moon are oranges, melon, white poppy, cucumber, palm, mushroom, algae, wintergreen, pumpkin, mercury, sugarcane, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, betel leaves, silver, salt, rice, cream, foreign liquor, fruit juice, pearl, curd, herbs.

Moon represents animals like dog, cat, mouse, amphibious creatures, horse. She also represents goose, crab, duck, water- bird, tortoise, owl, and oyster.

Moon represents places like mountains, fortresses, ocean, river, place of residence etc.

Metals & Gems :
Precious Gems represented by moon are pearl and all white stones. Metals represented are Silver, tin, and other white metals. Native whose lord of ascendant is moon can wear the ring of these stones in silver in ring finger in the constellation of moon.

If the moon is with saturn the mother will be harsh and the child will have a pessimistic view of life. Ketu with moon brings either Psychic abilities or schizophrenic tendencies. Rahu with moon brings confusion and addiction in ones mental tendencies.

The moon shows general mental health. The mind is very changeable and coloured by its associations.

Moon represents family/community of neighbours/ social communities. The moon represents society and social inteactions. When the moon associates with the Jupiter (expansion) the individual will have a high level of social concern, while if the moon associates with the saturn (contraction) there will be disinterest, distancing, and desire to be alone.

More qualities of the Grahas - Chandra (the Moon)
Externally, Chandra represents highly placed people having a nurturing role, such as queens and first ladies. Whereas Surya gets its importance from being at the heart of the solar system, Chandra gets is from being closest to the Earth, and from our subjective perspective on Earth, being at the heart of the solar system. Surya gets it's power from mere gravitational pull, but Chandra gets it from being close. Therefore, Chandra represents powerful people that play a more subjective role, nurture or are simply close to us like a mother.

The light of the Moon is the reflection of the Sun, most visible in the absence of the Sun. Therefore, Chandra represents people that pass on the inspiration and spirit of the leaders, but in a supportive and gentle way. Physically, the systems of the body that nurture and feed the body are represented by Chandra. The blood distributes nutrition and oxygen to all parts of the body. In a female, the womb nurtures the child. Whereas the brain is represented by Surya because of it's controlling function, the hormones that are produced by the brain are represented by Chandra.

Of the two eyes, the left eye is represented by Chandra.

Internally, Chandra signifies our mindset and emotions, our response to sensory experiences, our imagination, our ability to care and support others, nurturing skills, empathy.

Qualities signified by Chandra: motherly, caring, nurturing, emotional, sensitive, empathetic, imaginative, social, thoughtful, gentle, childlike charm.

Determining what objects are signified by Chandra: Of any living being or thing, the part that is supporting or nurturing the rest of it is signified by Chandra.

In a social environment that is whoever takes the initiative first to care of the weak or helpless: mothers, nurses, health care workers and social workers.

Following Characteristics / Profile of Moon must be Remembered by all Jyotish. I have grouped these just to make it easy to remember :

Mind: Fast moving, not steady, mind, feelings, hopes, kindness, memory ,

Water : blood, water, food, pond, river, sea

Mother : Females ,Mother, Maternal Grandmother,

Toddlers (Bacchpan)

Money : Money, public, contacts

medium shape, white color, Like ascendant, looks, Lungs, Heart,

Some more useful calculations/ predictions related to moon :
In your birth chart if moon is lord of a good house(bhava) and also it is powerful, then your moon will make its bhava very happy with its qualities.

When there are auspicious planets in both sides of moon (2nd from moon and 12th form moon) it makes a shubh chanradi yog. Planets can be in shubh kartali both by stithi and drishti. In this yog, the person certainly gains a lot of wealth. This usually happens in moons dasha or antardasha.

In Antardasha of Rahu in Moons Dasha or Antardasha of Moon in Rahu's dasha, one is very Tensed and Stressed. This is applicable irrespective of position of moon and rahu in chart.

If moon is Exalted or in its own house or natives birth is at night, Chandra kundali must be considered first and lagna kundali second.