Mars (मंगल ग्रह)

Parashara describes Mars as being "Cruel, inconsiderate, and tending to have blood shot eyes, enjoys meat and his wife, has pitta constitution, is easily angered, and has a thin waist".

Mars has a soldier mentality and likes to fight. Mars has great leadership abilities, but as a tamas planet he doesnot think, he just follow orders. His job is to protect as a Guardian, Police or a Soldier. The police do not make the Laws, they just enforce them, a soldier doesnot choose when and with whom to fight, they just follow order and fight.

Gender : Male
Element : Fire
Rank : Commander
Varna : Kshatriya
Prakriti : Pitta
Sthirta : Moveable (Char)
Numbers : 9
Direction : South
Vegetation : Trees with bitter juice
Color : Red
Stone : Coral
Metal : Copper

Mars is a red planet. It moves around the Sun at a mean distance approximately 1.52 times that of earth from Sun. It completes its orbit in 686.9804 mean earth solar days and spins on axis in 24 hours 39 minutes and 22.6689 seconds. It moves in its orbit at a mean velocity of 24.1 kms/ second. Mars has a volume of 1.62 x 1011 cubic kms, surface area of 1.43 x 108 square kms, mass equal to 6.423 x 1023 kms and density equal to 3.96 gm/ cubic centimeter. Mars completes one orbit in roughly the time earth completes two orbits. When it is closest to earth, it is retrograde and is visible during mid night. This appears at an interval of 779.94 earth’s days. Mars has two satellites namely Phobos and Diamos.

Mars is said to be the deity of Buddhists and the god of Romans. He is also god of war. According to Hindus, Mars is Lord Muruga, Subramanya or Kumaraswami. He is commander- in- chief of the celestial army.

Mars is a dry, fiery and masculine planet. Mars is a malefic planet. Mars is the lord of south direction and governs Grishma Ritu (June – July) Mars rules Sam Veda. It is hot and barren and rules over fuming acids. It governs mainly over brothers, lands and enterprise. The power of logical reasoning, boldness, war like natures are endowed by Mars. Mars rules over contentions, wars, strife, epidemics, mental aberrations etc. Mars is significant for energy both constructive and destructive. Worst type of sexualities is governed by Mars. Such people adopt novel ways to satisfy their sexual desire. They may adopt malpractice and may enjoy in giving pain to sexual partners. Martians are said to be extremists.

He symbolizes the senses and thus rules over the animal instincts in man. He signifies the fighting power. Mars gives determination, the desire to succeed in the material field, favours, learning of sciences and governs all foreign voyages.

Mars gives the native white complexion with a shade of red. Native will be tall, muscular, having slender waist, curly and shining hair, fierce red eyes, cruel nature and fickle mind. Native will be having pimples on face, eyes will be round. Bones will be full of red bone marrow. Native will be well disciplined, passionate and aggressive. Parts of body ruled by Mars are forehead, left ear, nose, muscular system, external sex organs, blood vessels, uterus, kidneys, prostate gland, groins, rectum, colon, testicles and red bone marrow.

When Mars is afflicted it gives rash and aggressive spirit, combative & destructive nature. It also makes the native headstrong and unruly, impulsive and fickle, vain, jealous, severe and unfeeling, quarrelsome, drunkard and violent.

When Mars is beneficial it makes the native adventurous and independent, generous, ambitious, enthusiastic, exercising free will, upright, accommodative and diplomatic. Such people dislike small undertakings but enjoy execution of large projects. Many pioneers, leaders, heroes, warriors and explorers are having beneficial Mars.

According to Ayurveda, Agni regulates the strength of all body tissues through proper digestion and assimilation of energy. It regulates energy levels of body and is the significator for strength.

The diseases indicated by Mars are all acute fevers and inflammatory complaints, smallpox, burns, measles, ruptures of blood vessels, fistulas, wound by iron or steel, hemorrhages, hernia, stones, abortions, appendicitis, sunstroke, muscular rheumatism, carbuncles, tetanus, deformity etc.

The products represented by Mars are walnut, cashewnut, betelnut, groundnut, ginger, mustard, garlic, brandy, whisky, arrack, toddy, metallic oxides, axe, knife, sword, gun, landed properties, thorny plants, old instruments, coriander etc.

Mars represents animals like tiger, wolf and other savage beasts, elephant, hunting dog. It also represents birds like hawk, kite, vultures and other birds of prey.

Mars represents places like battlefield, slaughter-houses, smith’s shops, police station, and industrial area.

Precious Metals/Gems represented by Mars are copper, coral, ruby and all red stones. Native whose lord of ascendant is Mars can wear the ring of these stones in copper or gold in ring or index finger in the constellation of Mars.

A Good astrologer must remember the following Portfolio of Mangal (Mars). Whenever you listen Mars, These images must automatically come in your mind :

Paap Graha, Daru Khana, Violence, Violent Nature, Injuries, Loud Noise,
Unreasonabley Stubborn, Ready to fight & Quarrel, Anger , Violent, Torturerer, Theft,

Bravery, Working Capacity, Habit of Risk-taking, Defence department, War Tanks, Gun,
Operation, Surgery

Red color, Meat, Muscles, Bone Marrow,
Fire, Electricity, Electronics,

Young Brother, Godown of Grains, Dumb (goonga)

Few more important knowledge about Mars :

Mars in Urdu Language is often referred as JALLAD-E-FALAK meaning Killer in Sky.

Mars represents Force, Bravery, Strength. A good police also needs these qualities whereas a good thief also need Force, Bravery & Strength. A Surgeon also needs mental strength & bravery and a Butcher also needs some mental strength or madness.

Among Experienced Astrologers Mangals Dasha/Antardasha is infamous for killing Relatives.

If Mangal and Ketu are sitting together or Mangal is sitting with a planet in whose house/rashi ketu is sitting, The Dasha/Antardasha of Mangal becomes more dangerous.

Every bhava/house has an associated body part. Planets like Mangal & Ketu directly affect the body parts related to house they are connected to.

Mangal & Ketu are directly related to Violence and Power. That's why these planets have a very strong connection with Lagna or Lagna Lord of Criminals, Army People, Police Man.

When Mangal alongwith 6th lord or 11th lord is affecting
Lagna/Lagnesh and Sun and Moon or
Rashi swami of Sun / moon / lagna (lord of house where sun/moon/lagnesh is sitting)
Then it is observed that during dasha antardasha of Mangal/Ketu etc. leads to suicide, self torture etc.

If Attacking planets like Mangal are connected to 4th house or 7th house(4th from 4th) , it is observed that person gets hurt by vehicles. and also
if 2nd lord (marak), 4th lord & 6th lord (shatru) are connected to lagna in some way then chances are that hurt was planned by some one living (it was not an accident but planned by someone).